Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started as a Math Rules! volunteer?    
First, fill out our volunteer application form.

We will schedule an in-person interview with you at our office. During the interview you will be asked for permission to conduct Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) and Sexual Offender Record Information (SORI) background checks and to select a date for your Math Rules! training. After training and background checks are complete, you are ready to begin and will be matched with two to four 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade students.

What will I learn in my training?
Volunteers are introduced to the current math curriculum, Investigations, used in the Boston Public Schools. They practice word problems, review students’ work, and play interactive math games in groups. Volunteers are well prepared to help students strengthen their math skills through effective tutoring and mentoring.  

Where is the training?
Trainings are conducted at Boston Partners in Education’s office at 44 Farnsworth Street by our training manager, Marc Saunders. Support sessions are offered throughout the year.

What do you mean by support sessions?
Support sessions can be anything from volunteers meeting to discuss best practices, or to receive refresher training in the current math curriculum. At times, guest speakers come by to offer support to our volunteers with their own tips on how to help students with the curriculum.

How long is the training?
Generally, the Math Rules! training lasts two and a half hours and includes a section on mentoring. 

Do I tutor the same students all year?
Yes, the students you will work with have written permission to be tutored, and should work with you for the entire year.

What time of day are volunteers in the school?
All tutoring for Math Rules! is done in the classroom during the students’ math period. These periods may be at any time during the school day. 

What should I know about the students I will I be tutoring?
Math Rules! students are very close to catching on to the math being done at their own grade level. Your students will need only a little boost, and are willing and want tutoring from a volunteer.

How many hours per week do I need to volunteer for this program?

Generally, volunteers are encouraged to volunteer one to two hours each week. If you wish to volunteer more often, you are always welcome.
How many students will I tutor in Math Rules!?
The teacher will assign you two to four students to tutor depending on your level of comfort with a small group. Tutoring takes place in the classroom following the teacher’s lesson, when the class breaks up into small groups.

What if the teacher wants me to work outside the classroom with the students?
We prefer that volunteers and students stay in the classroom especially during the day’s lesson.

If I am unable to come to school on a given day, whom shall I contact?
There is a Site Coordinator at your school who works for Boston Partners in Education to greet you, show you where to sign in and escort you to your classroom. Please get that person’s and the teacher’s phone number the first week you are at the school. This is who you should call if you cannot make your session. If assigned to a school without a coordinator, you should go to the school’s main office and ask the secretary who is the contact person that will get you started the first day. You will be escorted to class by this person. Please remember to sign in each time you tutor.

If there is no tutoring on my scheduled day, will I be notified?

Teachers will inform volunteers ahead of time of field trips, assemblies, etc.  The contact person or  coordinator will also inform you of cancellations.


If you have any questions please contact
Wendy Beninati


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