Math Rules!

"What impresses me most about about the students in Math Rules! is that the kids meet me more than halfway; they really want to get their hands around the material and they really seem to value my approval because of the relationship we've formed."
-- Robert, Math Rules! volunteer at the Marshall Elementary School


Math Rules! targets elementary grade students who are struggling in math. Two to four students are matched with a volunteer math mentor who tutors them in the classroom during the math period. Volunteers work under the teacher’s direction and motivate students to strengthen their math

Within the Boston Public Schools, there are comparatively few large-scale efforts devoted exclusively to building math skills, and most of these services take place after school. Noted math educator and author Greg Tang stresses the importance of intervening to teach strategic thinking in math from second grade onward. 

Volunteers meet with their students one to two hours each week over the academic year, and are encouraged to return and mentor their students for up to three years.

Math Rules! provides a way for students to build solid math skills at a young age so they will succeed in the subject as it becomes more difficult. At the same time, they build greater  self-confidence and develop a love for the subject.

For more information about Math Rules!, please contact Wendy Beninati, 617.451.6145


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