Ways to Volunteer

"Volunteering through Boston Partners in Education has made me realize just how much personal and individual attention means to a child. It feels so good to know that I made an important difference in someone's life."
--Kindergarten volunteer at the Blackstone School


How can you get involved?

There are many ways you can make a difference in a child’s life through Boston Partners in Education. To get involved, just follow the steps:


Step 1: Register - Fill out the Volunteer Application form.

Step 2: Interview - Boston Partners in Education will set up an initial interview with you.

Step 3: Get Trained - Attend a mandatory, one-time training session in mentoring and either math or English Language Arts.

Step 4: Get Placed - Boston Partners in Education will match and place you with a student or small group of students that need mentoring.

All Boston Partners in Education volunteers are screened according to Boston Public School guidelines and must undergo a criminal background check (CORI) and (SORI) annually.


Here’s what some of our volunteers have to said over the years:

“… the teacher attributed the remarkable improvement of one ‘high risk’ student to the work I’d done with him.  Gratifying!!”


“Thank you so much for a great experience!! When I become a teacher, hopefully by this time next year, I will be contacting you for a volunteer!” 


To learn more about our different volunteer opportunities, or ask questions,

please contact: 

Erin McGrath, Program Director
Ph: 617-451-6145 or




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